June 22, 2015

Le Cinéma de la Magie

In the middle of the most prestigious cluster fuck in the world (thank you to Aaron Hillis), the Cannes Film Festival offers magical moments of the human experience. As I sat down to watch an Iranian film Nahid  in Un Certain Regard, I noticed Isabella Rossellini was directly behind us. I had to stifle my giggles as I kept imagining Dennis Hopper breathing into an oxygen tank whining "Daddy likes to fuck." Icons walked among us and became regular people looking to share a dream in the dark. This is the magic of cinema. 

June 5, 2015

Filmmaking 101: Rebels With Cause

In order to navigate through this dysfunctional illusion called the the film industry, you need a few things: life experience, boundaries and a strong sense of True North. After encountering the dark underbelly of the French Rivera, my palate was cleansed with amazing experiences and incredibly inspiring people who reminded me why I've chosen this path. 

June 1, 2015

The Dark Underbelly of the French Riveria

Ok, I know you all want to know what Cannes is really  like. It's a perfect division of extremes. High fashion boutiques line the Croisette, the main road along the Mediterranean sea. You're surrounded by extremely beautiful people, stilettos and tuxedos in sharp European haircuts.
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