June 27, 2014

Horror of the Future

Transmedia is the buzz word these days and I'm really excited about it's potential. As a content creator and an avid story consumer, immersive experiences are like ghost stories told at Brownie Camp that you remember years later when you're alone in the woods. I still avoid outhouses because of the "Worm Man."

June 24, 2014

Master Classes

Nic Pizzolatto & Dan Harmon, representing two sides of my creative expression.
The Banff World Media Festival. The conference can feel a lot like a mystical dream, you're up in a castle surrounded by mountains... The Fonz will causally walk past you. You'll meet a famous House Wife of [insert shithole here].

June 17, 2014

Momma Said Knock You Out

Praise to Brian Viveros. You're Rad.

We are all characters in a "coming-of-age" movie. In our low points, when we feel stuck and not sure what to do next, we need a confidence montage.

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