January 24, 2014

The Dark Ugly Business of Giving Birth

The Metaphorical Birth Canal
"When one door closes another always opens, but the hallways are a bitch."
It's a phrase Momma Jane has repeated to me many times. I often refer to my creative endeavours as giving birth. It's a spiritual process that follows a natural order, and I don't like to follow the rules.

January 21, 2014

Turn it Up: "Nightlife"

Trevor Anderson just dropped a new music video for The Wet Secrets starring Joe Flaherty (SCTV, Freaks and Geeks) as Count Floyd! There's a delightful twilight spoof with Mathew Hulshof playing Robert BATtinson and Nicola Elbro as a lazy-eyed Kristen BOOwart. Love it!

Directed by Trevor Anderson. Produced by Katrina Beatty. Executive Producer Jason Kapalka. Director of Photography, Peter Wunstorf, ASC.

January 10, 2014

An Evening at Metro Cinema!

Last night I was getting all Judgey at the Metro Shorts presented by Mostly Water Theatre! Here's the scoop: local filmmakers submit a 5 minute production then immediately come up on stage to be critiqued and voted on by the audience. Yikes! The winner gets $100.00, lots of high 5's and the key to the City. Well, we're still working on that last bit.

January 8, 2014

Work It


I think Britney Spears says it best when she auto-tunes, "You Gotta Work Bitch." And how!
My feet first hit the pavement to help a dear friend with the world's best mustache get elected into City Council. I met some great people, some rude condo dwellers (twats, really) and it ended in a flurry of light saber celebrations. He got the job. Go McKeen! Go Iveson!

Thanks to Cristian Munoz & Edmonton Culture for this wicked photo!

Then off to moonlighting at a hotel where I got to meet my first real-life strippers from Niagara Falls! And YES, they DO shop at SIRENS. It was a fascinating character study to hear what it's like to be raised by the Hell's Angels (as apposed to down the block from them). We made plans to launch our own cotton candy nail-polish glosses labeled with clever euphemisms: Just the Tip, Pearl Necklace... But sadly, the girls got evicted for... um... "extra circular activities"  before anything concrete was laid. Pun?

I miss them. I'm glad I introduced them to Shark Week and am absolutely honoured they were shocked/disgusted with my depraved mind, because you know these women have seen EVERYTHING.

Now I'm settling back into a 9-5 Communications Job in the AB Film Studios, where I'm greeted daily by my favourite Hollywood Icons: James Dean, Marilyn Munroe, Charlie Chaplin, & Audrey Hepburn. The building is owned by a delightful eccentric who collects movie paraphernalia and designed the boardroom after The Dark Night Rises. Check out the ceiling, it's Gotham City! Yeah, I squeal every time I go in.

The building has also housed Jessica Alba, Billy Bob, the sketch-comedy show SCTV, Tiny Plastic Men, and most recently, Dylan McDermott's latest release, FREEZER. When you need a man trapped in a meat locker by Russian thugs, you don't BUILD the freezer, you just come to Edmonton, AB.

December also gifted me with a second chance at Halloween! I think I had H1N1 the first time around, so the opportunity to slap the Spider Lady costume on and be an extra in Trevor Anderson's music video was awesome! The star of the video was Mr. Joe Flaherty, reprising his role of Count Floyd. We had so much fun behind the scenes that I can't wait until the video is released. Stay tuned to twitter and Dirt City Films as the "Nightlife" video should be dropping very soon!

Put some 3-D Glasses on. Photo by Fish Griwkowsky
Now with all that settled, it's time to return to "THE" work, as in the scripts. I had a very prophetic dream and was visited by a Muse. Spooky stuff. Stephen King talks about this all the time, channeling the creative, so it's time to get back to development before any ghosts of scripts past come to haunt and harass me.

Can you imagine? Behind hunted by your own creations? Holy shit balls.
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