June 14, 2013


It's your favourite movie... and you know it! Wolf Cop has won the $1M in funding and will be distributed in Cineplex theatres across Canada as the Top Dog in the CineCoup Film Accelerator (2013). I've been a fan of Wolf Cop from the very beginning. Not just because of the hilarious premise and skillful marketing, but because of the charming dynamic duo behind the creation: Lowell Dean and Bernie Herando. Good Ol' Saskatchewan boys with a love of gore and a wicked sense of humour. Watch all of their challenges here: http://cinecoup.com/wolfcop You'll soon understand why I'm such a fan.

With Hugh Patterson, Lowell Dean & Bernie Herando from WOLF COP!
So I encourage you all to join the Wolf Pack, sign up to their Facebook account to keep informed, follow them on Twitter, and share the WOLF COP trailer to everyone you know! This is a revolutionary step in Canadian cinema and it's pretty exciting that CineCoup is stepping forward with a horror film!

Congrats TEAM WOLF COP! So excited to see your film. xo


June 9, 2013

All Tomorrow's Parties

I'm heading out for my road trip to the Banff Media Festival. The goal is to meet industry types and promote "Gillian's Just Right" while supporting my CineCoup brothers in the Top 5. The winner of the whole competition will be announced Monday evening so imagine the nerves! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone who has been in this film accelerator from the beginning. It's kinda a big deal. The past six months have pushed everyone out of their comfort zones and brought so much exposure to indie filmmaking in Canada.

I'm also hoping to run into Will Arnett at the Netflix party and I'm determined to only communicate using Arrested Development references. For instance, "If I didn't have a live dove in my pants right now..."   I'm sure he'd love that.

June 4, 2013


Sunset in Pender... beautiful!
What is happening!?! I couldn't come up with a better title for this entry because it's noon and I'm still in a towel. Haven't even made it to the shower yet, just some preemptive fashion choices.
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