September 25, 2012


Mark this down on your calendars folks! The full-length version of Truckstop Bloodsuckers will take place  Monday, October 22 @ 7pm. I want you all there early because the Red Carpet starts at 6:30pm and we are giving away free FANGS at the door. It's perfect for Halloween!!

September 5, 2012

Ghost Cats!

Many famous writers - Dylan Thomas, C.S. Lewis, all the writers of Lost (assumed) - have written their best work while on some serious shit. My latest inspiration has come to me during this 5 day (and counting) asshole of a head cold and the assistance of no-name sinus medication. I have been a victim of Ghost Cats. Sure, laugh. But if it's happened to you, then you know I am talking about some Grade A Japanese horror-inspired heebie-jeebies that will make you sleep with the light on.
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