November 20, 2011

Shout Out to Momma Jane

It's Momma Jane's birthday today! As I continue to develop my projects and step out into the unknown, I must acknowledge my coach in the corner who pushes me to fight, hit hard, and lay the smack down. It is essential to have someone in your life who believes in you. Many times in the past year I've cried, whined and complained that I simply cannot do what needs to be done. I throw epic pity parties and no one is invited.

Momma Jane pulls me out from the mud and tells me to stop being such a little baby. We call this the Jane-Wayne-ing. She pulls out the big guns and fires off a few. There's no messing around with this woman. So whatever I grasp in this life, I take it because my mom said I could. I wouldn't be anywhere without her.

Here are some other Momma Jane Highlights. All great titles for Children's Books:

Momma Jane watches The Orphan

Momma Jane supports strippers

Momma Jane has it made at the end of the world

Momma Jane learns the internet

Momma Jane promises bacon!


November 17, 2011

L.A. BABY!!!

Clarity is important.
As in Leduc, Alberta. Oh there's abnormally tanned people and white powder widely available here too, only it's just rednecks and real snow. Ten centimeters promised in a massive blizzard. Leduc is the big destination because my Friendly Giant is having surgery on his ALC today. I must share this picture with you all. I think it's absolutely hilarious that he had to mark his own knees to ensure proper medical attention. We've heard the stories before, limbs being amputated and it was the wrong freaking limb...


November 15, 2011

Green Means GO!

Truckstop Bloodsuckers has been given the green light from  an unlikely ally, the subscription comedy channel BITE TV. Feature film, webisodes, and a potential television series. It's more than I possibly could have imagined!  The plan is to go the way of Sanctuary and Todd and the Book of Pure Evil to create a fan base on-line first and then release the product in a pincer attack across North America and beyond.


November 5, 2011

The Hanging Man

Transitional periods suck. HURRY UP. Now WAIT. That's been my pace over the past few weeks. I'm a Philly locked in the gate, waiting for the alarm and the chance to run free. The waiting makes me anxious. The constant tension is a drain. How does one remain peaceful and calm when the dark clouds of "biggest challenge of your life" begin to loom on the horizon?

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