October 18, 2011

Where My Girls At?

 I had an interesting conversation a few weeks ago with some local film enthusiasts/art house theatre guys. The topic of conversation was the lack of women in the local scene and throughout the world. When I told them that I write and direct, they were ecstatic! But they wanted to know, where are the others? Do they exist? Have they been wiped out by the Lord of Darkness? And it got me thinking. Am I really that rare?


October 16, 2011

Lucky Strike

I'm going to be big... a big deal!
I celebrated a birthday recently and one of my favourite things to do is go down to the Russian Tea Room in Edmonton and pay a psychic to talk about me. Who doesn't love to hear how wonderful they are?

The Russian Tea Room is a unique place. The decor is 80's Dynasty-inspired kitsch with Buddhist monuments, low lighting, fake plastic trees and white trellis. The menu is bland North American: pasta, burgers, dry rib appetizers. The psychics smell like coffee and cigarettes. It's the mash-up culture I so adore in Blade Runner, an amalgamation of bits and pieces of everything to create a completely bizarre scene. I would love to shoot a film at this location.

The psychic I went to has freaked me out before, as he is uniquely tuned in to some unseen frequency and knew things about me he couldn't possibly know. This year, more of the same.

He told me that the next two years, I have horseshoes up my ass. The opportunity to work with very talented people, be in the right place at the right time, and to have the world dropped at my feet is all on the horizon. I'm the Pilot Kid, producing numerous ideas for television and film. He told me to study Rod Serling and Alfred Hitchcock (already my all time favourites) as my work will be an extension of the intelligent and sometimes dark worlds these men offered.

And then the psychic turned very dark and still. "Now I have to ask you, how fucking serious are you? I'm sorry to use that word, but it cuts to the chase. You need to get fucking serious." A man after my own heart! Don't you love when the universe gives you the information you need in the way only you can hear it?

So I'm getting really fucking serious. More than ever I'm realizing my talent as a writer and my ability to produce something unique. This is not the time to hide and cower in the shadows of my own doubt.

I do feel immensely lucky right now. But to me, luck is preparation meeting opportunity. I've been working a long time on my stories, my characters, my ideas. I'm the golden goose, shitting out golden nugget after golden nugget. (Note: Momma Jane wants full credit for this one). So it's time to really know what I'm worth and what I have to offer.

October 5, 2011


And so it begins. Barely moving past the treatment for Truckstop Bloodsuckers and already the request is in for the Horror Holy Trinity: Budget, Blood, and Boobs. Contacts have been made with a softcore pornography producer who could potentially amp up the budget if the film is marketable. (Don't you love how the term marketable actually means "sellable flesh"?) The catch: write a role for a lady who bangs for a living.

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