June 22, 2011


"He's Baaaaaackkkk!!!"
 This my friends, is an exciting day! I can hardly type fast enough to spit this one out. The trailer for Nightmare Island 3: Rise of the Blood Queen has been released! Author Alice Bauer, played by the talented Anna-Maria LeMaistre (The Pharmacist), brings her family to Nightmare Island to find for herself what this Hookface killer is all about. What will happen? Oh... I think you know.

I play Kimmy Darkseed, a foolish sexy teen who brings out the Ouija board while camping in the woods with her friends. Booze, Boonies, and the Boogieman from Beyond (great title for a memoir, take note) proves to be a dangerous combination that ultimately ends in death. You can see a little bit of what will happen here:

Rise of the Blood Queen is packed full of the best talent Edmonton has to offer: Anna-Marie LeMaistre, Mark Meer, Chris Craddock, Indy Randhawa and newcomer Suzie Fialkow.  This will be the best and final (?) installment of the Nightmare Island Trilogy.

There's big demand upon the creators of this local cult classic for more films, perhaps even a feature. I know we're all curious about how Sargent Terror came to be the legend known as Hookface and why on Earth does he take all of his rage out on sexy teens? What's behind that beard? Those dark cold eyes? A mysterious brooding man is cat-nip to the ferocious appetites of women so... can we expect a calender?

Mr. July for sure. I'd love to see his Christmas ensemble.
 We all have to wait until October for this release... it's going to be a LONG summer! Good thing we can keep entertained with Hookface's twitter page: @TheRealHookface.  He updates regularly, so be sure to get a sense of where he's hiding out during camping season. You don't want to end up dead... or worse.


  1. Nightmare Island 3 looks awesome! That's the kind of movie I want to watch right before I go camping next weekend. I'll have to bring my Star Wars Ouija board and see what we can awaken around the campfire. Thanks for the idea. Look forward to the flick!

  2. Okay, I am impressed... and glad we found your blog (yes Jane tipped us off)!

  3. That's Momma Jane for you. Bonafide Pimp! Glad you guys found me!!


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