June 5, 2011


So worth it.
 The deadline for the screenplay is looming and I've been participating in some hardcore procrastination. Gold foil leopard printed finger tips, waves in my hair, clean room, plenty of yoga classes, fridge full of fresh fruit... never before have I taken such good care of myself. But the script needs to be finished!

I'm having a bit too much fun choreographing the major death scene. I think I've decided my cameo in the film and have selected the best teen death. It will be the most disgusting, taboo blood spill that will go down in history. Now, let's hope we can actually film it without being sued.

But, as independent filmmaker and rad dude Deco Dawson always says, shoot it the way you want people to see it. Worry about the fines later. Because by the time anyone finds out you don't have the rights, they've already seen it the way it was supposed to be.

I smell rebellion on the horizon!

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