June 8, 2011


Follow the linked title above to visit the official Nightmare Island Website!
TONIGHT is the big premiere of Nightmare Island 2: Hookface's Revenge. Playing in Edmonton's Nextfest at Avenue Theatre 8pm.

Seeing that I live with the director, I've already had my private premiere in my pajamas in our shared common area. But I'm really excited to see Part 1 and 2, plus the trailer of Part 3! Mainly because I'm in it. Let's be serious.

Galen and I went to high school together so I've been privy to his projects for some time now. Couldn't be prouder of my brother from another mother. The quality of his films continues to surpass the next, reputable actors want to work with him, and I've always admired him for continuing to build towards his dreams. As he says, "What the hell else am I going to do?"

He's the big director and co-creator of THE BLEEDENING... so come out and see what he's made of!

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