June 14, 2011

The Dead Are Restless

Brains behind the operation: Tessa Stamp & Christy Hutchinson
The lovely owners of The Theatre Garage.
Ever feel like life gets too cinematic for words? The lighting is right, everyone is in their place, and the soundtrack swells in just a way that you step back from yourself and think: this is a scene straight out of a film. A moment of bliss and then it's gone. 

That my friends, was the Theatre Garage's "Dead Are Restless" halfway to Halloween Party. Thanks to the talented photographer Lucas Boutilier, my good pal and the man my mother refers to as "one tall dude," moments of the party have been captured for your viewing pleasure!

The Theatre Garage is a local gem. A costume rental company with huge aspirations to support the local theatre, dance, and film industries with props, costumes, make-up, and know-how. Tessa and Christy are kinda a big deal and they set the bar incredibly high with a rocking party. 

I dressed up as the Black Dahlia as I had 1) very little time between work and party and 2) a cute dress that needed to be debuted. If I would have had more time, I would have gone in the authentic two pieces of torso, but alas, the slits in the face would have to do.
I laugh at my own jokes too much.

The party started off with a modern dance/interactive media set up where you could type directions to the dancers on a projection screen against the wall. OF COURSE, I jumped at this chance, how fun!

After that we went to the lobby for wall to wall FREE CANDY and spent the evening being entertained by Burlesque and Fire Dancers, Local Music, and Magic! This was most impressive to me as I love magic.

Director and Rockstar Travis Barton, signing autographs.
Kat and John from The October People performed a musical number/murder with their wondrous blood FX. The crowd watched as the morbidly happy couple cut into some deadbeat  my roommate and killed him.

The whole night was filled with incredible costumes, great music and FREE CANDY... did I mention that before? Check out this link to see more of Lucas' photos and to see why Edmonton has it going on!


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