June 22, 2011


"He's Baaaaaackkkk!!!"
 This my friends, is an exciting day! I can hardly type fast enough to spit this one out. The trailer for Nightmare Island 3: Rise of the Blood Queen has been released! Author Alice Bauer, played by the talented Anna-Maria LeMaistre (The Pharmacist), brings her family to Nightmare Island to find for herself what this Hookface killer is all about. What will happen? Oh... I think you know.

June 14, 2011

The Dead Are Restless

Brains behind the operation: Tessa Stamp & Christy Hutchinson
The lovely owners of The Theatre Garage.
Ever feel like life gets too cinematic for words? The lighting is right, everyone is in their place, and the soundtrack swells in just a way that you step back from yourself and think: this is a scene straight out of a film. A moment of bliss and then it's gone. 


June 10, 2011

Dreamer of the Day Time

"All people dream; but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recess of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity. But the dreamers of the day are the dangerous people, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible."

 - T.E. Lawrence 

Yes... Now what does this have to do with bacon? Keep reading.

The Bleedening first draft was completed yesterday @ 10am. A 97 page baby boy came out after a gruelling 15 hour labour where I just had to commit and finish. The producers want to take it to Banff this weekend for the big pitch-fest, hopefully baby finds a daddy with lots of money.

But I didn't get to go to the Nightmare Island 2 Premiere and I didn't get to schmooze with all my friends and peers in the industry. No. I stayed home in last night's pajamas, literally writhing on the floor, uncomfortable, looking for distractions, wanting sugar (of all things!), and then found myself getting into the birthing position. Seriously! It was like instinct came over me and my body just started doing it. I couldn't get comfortable without squatting over my computer (quite a sight you can imagine) or balancing the laptop upside down while on my back, legs apart to stimulate the creative chakras or something... desperately needing a hand to squeeze while I pushed the mutherfucker out. It was weird. Primal. Scary. And then sleep inevitably took over. At the crack of dawn I was back at it, slugging through.

"Why on Earth did I decide to become a writer?!? Why did you encourage me???"
 "Shut up and get it done! And I'll take you to Albert's. "

Woah ho ho! New life injected into me as the promise of BACON took me into the last legs of sanity to whip up a sub-par first draft ending. But it's done. And I'll tell you, for a mostly vegetarian with 3.5 hours of sleep, suffering from massive isolation... Bacon is delicious. It's horrible, I know. The shame of it all. But maybe a life needed to be sacrificed in order for a new one to enter the world.

And by noon I was at work, hobbling around in a dream-like state, letting my customers know that I'm sleep deprived and my facial recognition software is broken, so don't take it personally. They took very good care of me. And then I got to go home and curled up with Season 5 of the Gilmore Girls (thank you Angela).

So. I finished. I once again separated myself from the people who talk about it from the people who do it. And once you actually DO something, you realize why most people AVOID it. It is the hardest thing ever, whatever it is you chose to do.

June 8, 2011


Follow the linked title above to visit the official Nightmare Island Website!
TONIGHT is the big premiere of Nightmare Island 2: Hookface's Revenge. Playing in Edmonton's Nextfest at Avenue Theatre 8pm.

Seeing that I live with the director, I've already had my private premiere in my pajamas in our shared common area. But I'm really excited to see Part 1 and 2, plus the trailer of Part 3! Mainly because I'm in it. Let's be serious.

Galen and I went to high school together so I've been privy to his projects for some time now. Couldn't be prouder of my brother from another mother. The quality of his films continues to surpass the next, reputable actors want to work with him, and I've always admired him for continuing to build towards his dreams. As he says, "What the hell else am I going to do?"

He's the big director and co-creator of THE BLEEDENING... so come out and see what he's made of!

NextFest Schedule

June 5, 2011


So worth it.
 The deadline for the screenplay is looming and I've been participating in some hardcore procrastination. Gold foil leopard printed finger tips, waves in my hair, clean room, plenty of yoga classes, fridge full of fresh fruit... never before have I taken such good care of myself. But the script needs to be finished!

I'm having a bit too much fun choreographing the major death scene. I think I've decided my cameo in the film and have selected the best teen death. It will be the most disgusting, taboo blood spill that will go down in history. Now, let's hope we can actually film it without being sued.

But, as independent filmmaker and rad dude Deco Dawson always says, shoot it the way you want people to see it. Worry about the fines later. Because by the time anyone finds out you don't have the rights, they've already seen it the way it was supposed to be.

I smell rebellion on the horizon!
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