January 15, 2011

Transfer the Medium

 I love the inspiration that comes from being out in the world and talking to new people. Despite of my struggles with carbohydrate deficit, lack of sleep, and the frustration of shoveling my car out of 2 feet of snow like it's my fallen friend in the battle of Arnhem... I went to meet with my fellow writers.

Met some cool people that just started dropping ideas into me, setting off triggers and alarms (the good ones). Then I'm driving home, thinking about my failed screenplay that was recently rejected by the CFC (for the decapiflation no doubt) and it hit me. I don't need permission. I don't need to waste years finding a producer with 10 million for a budget. No, I publish the project as a graphic novel and make it as dark and gritty as need be. And this freedom of breath just hit my chest, this brilliance of light is coming through and everything makes sense. So I'm taking on a total new venture as a writer and beginning the search for an amazing illustrator to bring this world to life.
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