October 22, 2010

Projects A-Go-Go!

I'm stumbling onto the world of hustling for money. Interested producers are asking for several ideas for a horror-comedy and so far, I'm loving this process. The title, the idea, the setting... this is the simple part. Directing my creative abilities to knock off specific criteria is a welcome challenge. However... now it's getting to what the story is really about...


October 10, 2010

Free Press!

With my radio journalist background, I found myself working reception for THE BEAR 100.3 FM shortly after I graduated from University. The experience was enough to start one of my many writing projects, a memoir called RADIO NOWHERE. It's my adventures in community radio - working for the controversial award-winning program Youth Menace, the failed government grant that nearly destroyed the local station, and how this feminist rrrriot girl found herself "going commercial" which meant being invited to staff parties at stripclubs, having urine, spit, and pints of blood dropped off of my desk, seeing Yukon Jack's ass, and meeting some of the coolest people in the world: Greg, Kelly, Chris, Kazi, and Fearless Fred... just to name a few! It's coming soon so watch for it!


October 9, 2010

Blink and You'll Miss Me!

Caution: May Contain Nuts
is a local sketch comedy show that's really taking off. I had the pleasure of being an 80's extra in the music video. The cast is hilarious. Way too much fun helping out on this one.


October 7, 2010


The bloodied chainsaw, severed limbs and skulls are up at chez Gay-Linz. LOVE Halloween. The creepy movies, reasons to smash pumpkins, and terrifying children in the neighbourhood.

In spite of desperately needing a break, I'm back to the writing board to create some brand new proposals for possible pay... here's hoping they like what we're offering...
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