September 27, 2010

A Script Baby is Born

89 Page Baby Boy
Honestly didn't think I (physically) had it in me to make the deadline. With a week to go, I was struck with SARS or the PLAGUE and had to sift through the fog that became my brain. Trying to weave the characters together and finish the 45 pages needed in a week... when you're at zero and need to turn it up to eleven... burnt out is an understatement.

But the screenplay is finished. The grant is out. And I don't want to write for a while...

September 16, 2010

Stills from "Surprise Party"

Cell Phones are dangerous!

Cannot wait to see this 16mm film on the big screen! Director James Scott had found this legitimately creepy farmhouse an hour from town, with it's own underground tunnel into hell. Shooting at the COLDEST day of the year, we got to play with some very tasty blood made by the lovely folks from October People Productions.

September 9, 2010

All About Dyck

While I was singing I ain't got no job, which was actually my roommate and I singing Biz Markie's He's just a friend and pretending to drink on the porch (Galen wasn't pretending), I decided to take a month off to be a twenty something layabout. AKA professional filmmaker.

The Result: We made this little film and won the 24/HR Film Contest at the Edmonton International Film Festival.My roommate Galen plays Dyck, a self-obsessed actor who doesn't realize the crew has turned to zombies. He just wants to get the shoot done and finishes it himself. We poke fun at Christian Bale obviously and just had a lot of fun staying up all night making this. Galen steals the show. Thanks again for the severance package... suckas.

WATCH: All About Dyck 

September 4, 2010

Homage to Janet Leigh

This is what I do when left home alone... bring out the knives and take pictures of myself. All very vain, I know. But when you're re-creating an epic death scene, you get more points, right? I caught Psycho on AMC, just in time for Janet's close up. Seriously, nothing can touch this moment in cinematic history.  So I found these photos I did during my short-lived blonde ambition tour. Thanks for the inspiration Janet!

 Can you tell that I'm procrastinating??
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