August 15, 2010

Trespassing (2008)

Transforming to the Monster
What could be better than being a Scream Queen? EATING the Scream Queen! Aside from 5.5 hours of make-up and literally being glued into my flesh-tone one piece (thanks for helping me pee Greg) this was the most exciting project I've worked on yet! I love being a monster and hope I get to do it again soon!!

August 8, 2010

Nosferatu: The Final Encounter!

Don't you just LOVE the shadow scene?? CHILLS!


August 6, 2010

24 HRS to make a Film

At FAVA, writing the 1st film "Bradford" for the 24/One.

I've decided to not enter the 24/ONE contest again. The screenplay needs a lot of love and attention. But there are GOOD reasons to for any film enthusiasts out there.  We won Best Film and Best Cinematography last year for All About Dyck. Very exciting... so here is some encouragement for those who take it on.


August 3, 2010

New Project

 Some inspirational images from the screenplay. I like to find visuals and music that speak to the themes and moods while I'm writing. For this one, I've been listening to The Cramps a ton and my Sergio Leonesque favourites, Calla.

Here's a visual collage of what's going on in my brain for the apocalyptic western.


August 1, 2010

Scream Queen of the B Scene

"Never thought this would come out of someone who looks like... Jane Austen." The older gentleman in my screenwriting group looks up, horrified. He's just read a graphic scene involving a severed head. I smile. "What is WRONG with you?" I often hear that when people get a glimpse of what's really going on in my head. Well...

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